From all accounts, CS Laundry was amazing, and very lovely. Thank you :).
Mark Knopfler, Location : John Place Date : 05/10/2015
CS Laundry team did a fantastic job. They were on time and finished the job in a professional manner and left my yard clean and tidy. Would definitely recommend CS Laundry to complete any tasks.
Roger Taylor, Location : John Place Date : 05/10/2015
Katy, thank you so much for your help today, you were fantastic! You caught on really quickly to the vagaries of the task and outstripped me more than once! You really made a difficult task go quite smoothly. I would recommend CS Laundry to anyone for any job.
Michael Donovan, Location : John Place Date : 05/10/2015
Great attitude, on time, Katy left the house sparkling clean. Love your work!
Collingwood, Location : John Place Date : 05/10/2015
Katy was amazing, everything in my list completed. Wonderful personality and communication. Katy just got right into it. I loved the fresh clean smell and feeling. Thanks Katy look forward to having you again..
David, Location : Brisbane Date : 05/10/2015
Nice to have CS Laundry with us! I dread spending my weekends with laundry chores. Now, with CS Laundry, I can freely enjoy my weekends and get engaged with other important work. My family and I are simply in love with their services. Commendable services! Thank you so much!
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We have started laundry services from CS Laundry for our Salon in Brisbane. They looked over all our needs at quite reasonable prices. It’s been almost a year and we are still with CS Laundry. We very pleased that all our laundry needs are professionally taken care of by industry experts. Thanks for being with us!
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I am a uni student and I rarely get free time to do my laundry. I availed laundry services from CS Laundry on a friend’s advice. I liked the services so much that I continued with it. I even recommended my other friends to seek their services. Thanks for saving my time and efforts!
Angelo Louis, Location : Date : 05/10/2015
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John Kerry, Location : Date : 05/10/2015
How wonderful is to collect dirty clothes in a bag and then receive them back all washed and nicely folded, ready to be put away! Thoroughly loved the laundry services and the professionalism of the people of CS Laundry.
Smith, Location : Date : 05/10/2015
What a great idea! We have been availing laundry services from CS Laundry for quite a time a now. My husband and I have grown fond of their services. We loved it so much and continued on with it. We particularly adore their doorstep pick-up and delivery system.
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