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Need your office fridge cleaned? Look no further than Office Kitchen Services. We make sure you don’t have to deal with the office fridge cleaning, book your next clean with us, whenever you need us we will be there. We also offer a free fridge clean every six months with annual tea towel services sign-up.

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  • Office Fridge Cleaning Services
  • We are also a Commercial Laundry Service
  • We also Hire Tea Towels, Table Cloths and Towels

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An average office fridge usually has 10 or more people using it daily, which usually ends up being one staff member who is assigned or rostered for the task of cleaning it. if this is not addressed monthly, the left over containers, and remnants of abandoned food, leave the fridge with a nasty aroma and creates a health risk that impacts on the integrity of the food being stored. We are offering cost-effective and efficient fridge cleaning service to our clients in Brisbane.

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