About Office Kitchen Services…

Katy Grundy

Office Kitchen Services was founded in 2013 with a purpose to render customers with high-quality mobile tea towel services throughout the wider metropolitan area of Brisbane. We aim to put an end to tea towel washing resentment and prevent workplace unhappiness.

We work throughout the week from Monday to Saturday and offer a free pick-up and drop-off facility and ensure all your tea towel washing will be taken care of professionally, efficiently and reliably at an affordable price.

Along with our tea towel services, we also offer fridge cleaning service where we completely empty fridges, hot soap wash shelves, interior and exterior, and make sure your office fridge is left with a complete sanitisation.

Office Kitchen Services is a perfect solution for office executives and workers stuck with their turn to was office tea towels, medical and dental offices, physiotherapy and massage clinics, sporting clubs and school sports team.

We started Office cleaning services to fulfil the various cleaning requirements. We have been receiving positive responses from our clients, which motivates us to make even further expansion and improvements in the services. Our laundry experts combine the latest technology with fabric science to create the best laundry solutions for clients across Brisbane.

tea towels hanging on washing line